Laserfiche Performance Investigation at Supreme Committee for Delivery & Legacy (Qatar). Visited Qatar to do the audit of Laserfiche application. This audit covers all layers involved and aim is to systematically check any issues in the surrounding environment of Laserfiche application, document the findings and recommend any corrective actions in roadmap.
Migration from Microsoft Exchange (on Premises) to O365 Successfully completed multiple projects for migrations of on premises Microsoft Exchange environments to Microsoft Office 365.
IT Infrastructure, Head office Successfully completed the overall IT infrastructure of FutureNow Technologies’ Head Office in Paragon City, Lahore. This involved LAN, WAN, Telecom, Fiber Connectivity from PTCL using SDH technology (PRI, DID etc.), Domain Controllers, Exchange Servers, Workstation setup and even power installation.
Pizza Pizza Successfully headed and implemented the overall IT Infrastructure for an Inbound Call Center for Canada’s largest food chain, PizzaPizza. This involved first hand communication with Canadian IT team and subsequent deployment of IPLC through Aerial Fiber (Primary) and Air-Fiber (Secondary). Data Center Successful installation of a little less than Tier 3 Data Center.
Virtualization Converted 40% of the company’s physical servers to a highly available virtualized environment using Microsoft Hyper-V and VMware ESX hypervisors.
NADRA Managed the IT infrastructure for NAtional Database & Registration Authority scanning and documentation for Election Commission Pakistan, 2012.
WAN Traffic Management (Final Project during Graduation) The brief introduction is that how we control the traffic congestion on the WAN (Wide Area Network). Techniques: Standard and Extended Access Lists, Queuing Techniques.